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Karim Rayani

Co-Founder & President, The R List – R7 Capital

For the past 15 years, Mr.Rayani has been focused on financing both domestic and international mineral exploration and development. Most recently, Mr. Rayani was head of Bloomberry Capital Group, a Vancouver based merchant bank and capital advisory firm. Prior to Bloomberry, he worked independently as a Management Consultant and Financier. He is currently Chair of R7 Capital Ventures Ltd; Director of Fiber Crowne Manufacturing Inc., Chair of District 1 Exploration Corp. Mr. Rayani has developed an extensive network of contacts throughout North America and Europe with a focus on Corporate Development and Finance.

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Guidance on creating a well-balanced and diversified portfolio tailored to the Canadian market.

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Renowned market experts and industry leaders, providing valuable insights and discussions on the latest trends, investment opportunities, and strategies.

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Subscribers will gain access to exclusive private placement opportunities in various small-cap stocks.

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